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This is a quiz on the basics of cavy knowledge. This quiz is used by permission of CaviesGalore.

Question #1: What's the average lifespan of a guinea pig?

6 years
3 years
12 years

Question #2: What kind of bedding has been proven to be dangerous to guinea pigs?


Question #3: What amount of pellets should a guinea pig receive on a daily basis?

1/2 cup
2 teaspoons
As much as the dish can hold

Question #4: Which kind of food is not recommended to be fed to a guinea pig?

Iceburg Lettuce

Question #5: Does a guinea pig need Vit. C or can it make Vit. C on its own?

It needs daily Vit C.
No Vit. C is needed, a cavy can make it.
Vit. C added once a week is all that's needed.

Question #6: Does a guinea pig need its nails trimmed?

No, the nails are worn down naturally.
No, the nails don't grow.
Yes, the nails constantly grow.