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Golden Guinea-Pig Bean Award!

If you have a guinea-pig or cavy site, we would like to reward you for making the Web a more happy, caring and loving place. The award we would like to honour you with is our prestigious "golden bean" award...

Simply copy the following source into your webpage, then email award with the webpage address and we'll link back to you!

Golden Bean Award. Width=71 Height=48, 4k

BeanMakers: A Guinea Pig and Cavy Portal!

Source for Golden Bean Award:
<a href="http://www.beanmakers.com/"> <img src="http://www.beanmakers.com/guinea-pig-award.gif" width=71 height=48 alt="BeanMakers: A Guinea Pig and Cavy Portal!"></a>

If you wish to put a text link signifying that yours is a "Golden Bean Site", that's fine too...

Text link:

This site has been certified a BeanMakers Golden Bean Site !

Source text link:
<font face="arial"><center>This site has been certified a <a href="http://www.beanmakers.com/" alt="BeanMakers: A Guinea Pig and Cavy Portal!">
<font color="#0000ff">"BeanMakers Golden Bean Site"</a>!

Simply let us know that you've put up either link, and we'll add your name to this page. As an added incentive, your "link popularity" will increase boosting your search engine rankings and more people will see your guinea-pig site!