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Guinea Pig Games!


Piggy Stress-Relief!

Welcome to the games room, for when being the ultimate guinea pig owner gives way to the 'I gotta play' feeling! Enjoy!

  • Guinea Pig Pairs
    A memory-test game. Requires Javascript

  • Guinea Pig Carrot Chase: Netscape Internet Explorer
    An online guinea pig board game...guinea pigs racing through a maze to the carrot. This is a two-to-five player game. Requires Javascript
  • Guinea Pig Catch!
    You have to catch some escaped Guinea Pigs! Requires Flash

  • Guinea Pig Word Search!
    Search for Guinea-Pig terms in a word puzzle. Requires Java

  • Tic-Tac-Toe
    "Noughts and Crosses" for us English ;-) Requires Javascript

  • Guinea Pig Quiz
    Test your knowledge! Requires Javascript