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Yes we love them,
Yes, they're cute and adorable,
Yes, they all make beans!

Welcome to a website all about guinea pigs, cavies, or, their formal latin name...

"beanius makersus"... the bean makers!

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Did You Know?
Science Bit...
  • Class: Mammalia
  • Order: Rodentia
  • Family: Caviidae
  • Domestic species: Cavia porcellus
    For an online scientific book about guinea pigs, see THE GUINEA PIG: Biology, Care, Identification, Nomenclature, Breeding and Genetics
  • Guinea Pigs...not rodents? This report on a scientific Nature article explains.

Facts Bit...

  • Guinea pigs live wild in areas of South America.
  • The Incas used to farm them for food.
  • Even today you can enjoy fried Guinea pig in South America.
  • Wild Guinea pigs are most active at night.
  • Guinea pigs appeared in Europe in the 1500's.
  • Guinea pigs and humans don't make their own vitamin C, so they must always eat fresh vegetables.
  • In the wild they live in groups of 5-10.
  • A young Guinea pig can run when it is only three hours old!
  • They are often used for medical research. That's where we get the term "Guinea Pig" from to describe somebody who volunteers to take part in a test.
  • Some species of wild Cavy can be as long as three feet!


Quick Tip!

Remember, if you go out for a meal, ask for a "piggy bag" or your guinea pigs will be upset when you return home empty-handed!

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Baby Guineas!

Here's a link to pictures of baby guinea pigs but I warn you, they're cute!

OK, here's some more baby guineas! OK, one more!. I just had to show you precious!

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Live Pigs!

At OinkerNet there's a GuineaPig Cam!

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Visit the Guinea Pig Adoption Network, and see if you can give a homeless piggy a warm place to sleep!

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Pop Quiz

How many guinea pig names can you think of?


Visit Cavy Names, to see if they found more than you!

Guinea Pig Noises!
It's difficult to know, without seeing the pigs, what each squeak and purr means, so I've just grouped them as "squeak", "purr" and "annoyed"!
All files are in Wav format.
Squeak 1
Squeak 2
Squeak 3
Squeak 4
Squeak 5
Squeak 6
Squeak 7
Purr 1
Purr 2
Purr 3
Purr 4
Purr 5
Annoyed 1
Noises were taken from the following sites..
OinkerNet, Sammy, Anina Neugebauer, Mike, Caroline, Helen & Olivia's Home Page, Christina's Guinea Pig Page, Dan's Guinea Pigs, Guinea Pig Compendium.
Overdose on piggy noises!

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Guinea Pigs NickNames!
How many nicknames do your pigs have?

We have two piggies, Marble and Cocoa. They're nicknames are

Marble: Marble-Barble, Marbleissimo, Mr.Marble, ChubbyChops, HairyButt, ChewyChewbacca
Cocoa: Cocoa-Bean, BeanMachine, BeanMaker (hence this site's name), Beaner, Beanie, Cocoa-Mocha, Cocoa-Mochachino, EatingMachine, LittleCutie

Any Guinea Pigs with 50+ names?!


Guinea Pig Pac-Man

An excellent game! You're a guinea-pig running around a Pac-man type maze!

Download the software!
Download this zip file

Game courtesy of CaviesGalore

Be a Guinea-Pac!